35+ Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Kitchen Stuff

We all have a lot of old kitchen stuff that are too old to be used. But you don’t really need to get rid of all of them, there are some great examples how you can use it again. These 38 clever ideas will have you seeing old kitchen items in a entirely new light. Look at them and let the imagination begin to work!

1. Old kitchen items fairy garden

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-1Source: organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com

2. Create an chandelier with an assortment of ladles, spoons and sieves.

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-2Tutorial: absolutebodo.com


old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-3Source: woohome.com

4. Grater pencil holder

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-4Source: recyclart.org

5 .Rolling pin as coat hangers.

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-5Source: Etsy.com

6. Upcycled worn tubs turned into pendants

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-6Source: atelierjoya.blogspot.com

7. Cheesegrater Jewellery Holder

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-7Source: my-home-ideas-diy.blogspot.de

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