You probably know by now that I’m a big fan of fairy gardens. I really love making them, and I’m always so happy with how they turn out. Lately, I’ve been searching for inspiration for my next big fairy garden project, as a result I found plenty of great fairy garden ideas!

Have you been searching for inspiration for your fairy garden? There are so many fairy garden ideas out there, you will love all of these magical ideas!


I searched high and low for all of the best fairy garden ideas out there, and I was not disappointed. Not all of these images come with a tutorial, but they gave me inspiration all the same. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for the kids to get involved too! I’m ready to start on the next one.

There are affiliate links in this post. That means if you buy something from that link, I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything additional.

Have you been searching for inspiration for your fairy garden? There are so many fairy garden ideas out there, you will love all of these magical ideas!

Have you been searching for inspiration for your fairy garden? There are so many fairy garden ideas out there, you will love all of these magical ideas!


I think it’s so charming when people decorate trees with small doors! It looks like actual fairies live in the trees. A couple of these fairy garden ideas went above and beyond with little paths and fancy shaped doors.

  1. This cute fairy door was made from craft sticks and comes from Danya Banya
  2. If you’re looking for a fun fairy door the kids will love to make, check out these from Fireflies and Mudpies
  3. Here’s another sweet fairy door made from craft sticks, making it a great kid’s craft from Messy Little Monster
  4. I was unable to find the direct source for this fourth fairy door, I’m guessing it was from a product catalog. This demonstrates how you don’t have to make everything yourself, you can purchasefairy garden accessories and create your own magic.
  5. I love the steps made from flat rocks or slate and the darling little tiny clay pots. This is another photo without a direct source, though it’s probably from a catalog.
  6. This adorable fairy door in a tree was made from twigs from The Magic Onions – there are lots of fairy garden ideas here, just look at all the tiny details!
  7. Here’s an adorable fairy door and garden from The Knitted Garden – I love the use of moss here to keep the natural elements throughout the fairy garden.
  8. I’m loving this simple under the stairs fairy door from My Weeds Are Very Sorry.
  9. This darling fairy door actually has a little deck and stairs, though I was unable to find the photo source.
  10. Again, this last one is most likely from a catalog as the door and windows are clearly purchased items not something that someone made. But they would be easy to make, don’t you think.
  11. Have you been searching for inspiration for your fairy garden? There are so many fairy garden ideas out there, you will love all of these magical ideas!Have you been searching for inspiration for your fairy garden? There are so many fairy garden ideas out there, you will love all of these magical ideas!


    I have loved everything about fairy gardens for several years and am constantly amazed by the creativity that goes into every piece. We all take a similar idea and turn it into our own unique project.

    1. In this post I show you How to Start a Fairy Garden. I used moss on the roof and throughout the garden.
    2. This cute fairy garden is contained in a pot and has a sweet little ladder made from miniature popsicle sticks from Buggy and Buddy.
    3. A year after creating my fairy garden, I revamped the roof with pebbles and planted succulents all around it. Here is this year’s Fairy House and Garden.
    4. This project is fun and uses many living elements, a great project to do with your kids from Jenny at Dapper Home.
    5. This container garden adds a bit of fairy magic with blue crystals from Rhythms of Play.
    6. You can turn a small planter of succulents into a cute little fairy forest from Arts Crackers.
    7. I love this mini patio garden from Garden Therapy, a great place for fairies to hang out.
    8. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, this miniature hobbit house is the project for you from Empress of Dirt.
    9. I’ll show you how to turn make a Pumpkin Fairy House that’s perfect for fall and Halloween!
    10. The woman who made this gorgeous fairy house used a gourd and pinecone tines. From A Little Fur in the Paint.

    Have you been searching for inspiration for your fairy garden? There are so many fairy garden ideas out there, you will love all of these magical ideas!


    While none of these houses have a tutorial, they are a wonderful source of crafty inspiration. Some look a little more difficult than others, but for me crafting is relaxing. When I am working on the details, it take me away from all the chaos that might be in my life and puts me in a zen state.

    1. It looks like whoever made this gorgeous fairy castle (source unknown) may have constructed it from birch stumps!
    2. Whoever made this nature inspired house used branches and pinecones as the main materials (source unknown).
    3. Here’s a whimsical twig fairy house nestled in what may be an herb garden from Flowers and Weeds
    4. Large doors made from twigs envelop this tiny A-frame fairy house. Also, I’m loving the moss roof and what looks like a pebble floor. (source unknown)
    5. Nestled in what appears to be a galvanized tray, this adorable fairy garden could definitely be made at home – source Mystic Mountain Arts
    6. I think this unique two story fairy house resembles an old fashioned doll house, from Brooke Kelly Art
    7. A true artist made this gorgeous three story fairy tower from pebbles, oak and slate, fromEnchanted Cottages
    8. Have you been searching for inspiration for your fairy garden? There are so many fairy garden ideas out there, you will love all of these magical ideas!


      Many people enjoy creating fairy gardens without having to actually make all the little pieces and parts. There are tons of fairy garden kits available as well as individual accessories. So when you’re thinking of fairy garden ideas, don’t forget the accessories!

      1. What would a fairy garden be without a fairy? This adorable little set includes a pretty fairy and her rocking chair as well as two woodland friends.
      2. Just imagine how cute this furniture set would look in your new fairy garden!
      3. A fairy garden would not be complete without a large selection of toadstools on display.
      4. I have this exact twig chair in my fairy garden this year, it looks so cute!
      5. Just imagine this darling set of miniature garden tools in your fairy garden!

Source : http://craftsbyamanda.com/fairy-garden-ideas/

Award Winning Southern Soul Chili

Last weekend, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride!  I had chopped, cooked and tasted chili for several days.  The reason…I’d entered a Chili Challenge sponsored by our local Farmers Market.  It’s a great event that teams up market vendors with community partners and all money raised benefits the market.  I had two great partners, Charles Sheppard from Sir Charles Gourmet BBQ Sauces and Tommy Neese from Neese’s Country Sausage so I was feeling pretty good about going up against some formidable competitors.  During my prep week, I’d made several different batches of chili and called on a few special taste testers to weigh in on my recipe and thank goodness, they knew what they were doing!  The days were flying by and then, finally, on Thursday night, everything came together and I had the recipe perfected.  Friends…all that hard work paid off – we WON!

A Southern Soul | Chili Challenge

Here’s the winning recipe along with my notes.  It might look complicated but it’s not.  The ingredients are easily purchased in your local grocery store with the exception of one, the BBQ Sauce.  I am providing you a link on where to purchase Sir Charles Gourmet Sauce.  The Extra Ingredient, is a speciality food store that provides excellent service, helpful advice and they are happy to ship directly to you.  I’m sure you’ll change up the recipe somewhat, but the integrity of this dish will be changed without this sauce.

A Southern Soul | Chili Ingredients
I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know how you like it.  It was a fun day with great friends and I am honored that this chili was the crowds favorite!
A Southern Soul | Chili Recipe
Southern Soul Chili

1 lb ground beef
1 lb hot sausage
3 tablespoons chili powder
1/2 poblano pepper – chopped
2 stalks celery – chopped
1 medium onion – minced
2 tablespoons garlic – minced
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoon ground pepper
4 oz tomato paste – canned or from tube
1 16 oz can crushed tomatoes
1 cup Sir Charles BBQ Sauce
1/2 cup Sir Charles Hot BBQ sauce
12 oz lager Beer
1 cup beef stock
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon honey or sugar
2 cans (15oz) dark red kidney beans, rinsed and drained
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained

A Southern Soul | Chili Sauce
  • In an extra large stock pot or cast iron skillet, brown ground beef and sausage.  Add chopped vegetables, except garlic, and cook until meats are cooked through and vegetables are tender.
  • Lower heat to medium.  Add chili powder, tomatoes, tomato paste and sauce to pot, mixing well. Scrape any bits from the bottom of pot. Cook for about 15 minutes stirring often.
  • Stir in beer, beef broth, minced garlic,Worcestershire, vinegar and honey.  Stir to blend ingredients.
  • Simmer for about 1.5 hours stirring frequently allowing chili flavors to marry.  If sauce gets too thick, add water in 1/4 cup amounts.
  • Add beans and cook another 30 minutes, stirring frequently. Taste for seasoning and adjust.
  • Serve with garnishes and extras – sour cream, scallions, grated cheese, hot sauce, jalapeños, hot corn bread.
    • This recipe can be finished in the crock pot.  Make chili sauce and put mixture in crock pot .  Add beans and cook on low for 4 hours.
    • Chili freezes well.  Allow to cool, put in zip lock bags and lay flat in freezer for storage.
    • You may purchase Sir Charles Gourmet BBQ Sauce from The Extra Ingredient in Greensboro, NC by calling toll free ~ 800-528-3618.
A Southern Soul | Winning Chili Recipe

35+ Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Kitchen Stuff

We all have a lot of old kitchen stuff that are too old to be used. But you don’t really need to get rid of all of them, there are some great examples how you can use it again. These 38 clever ideas will have you seeing old kitchen items in a entirely new light. Look at them and let the imagination begin to work!

1. Old kitchen items fairy garden

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-1Source: organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com

2. Create an chandelier with an assortment of ladles, spoons and sieves.

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-2Tutorial: absolutebodo.com


old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-3Source: woohome.com

4. Grater pencil holder

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-4Source: recyclart.org

5 .Rolling pin as coat hangers.

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-5Source: Etsy.com

6. Upcycled worn tubs turned into pendants

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-6Source: atelierjoya.blogspot.com

7. Cheesegrater Jewellery Holder

old-kitchen-items-reused-ideas-7Source: my-home-ideas-diy.blogspot.de

Broken Smiles: A Look Back At The Life & Career Of Robin Williams

I remember as a kid, I rented Mrs. Doubtfire from the video parlour close to my house. I’d heard my friends talk about how funny the father in the film was. How he loved his kids so much that he decided to dress up as an old lady just to spend more time with them. The movie itself was hilarious! The scene where he’s moonwalking across the living room while Aerosmith’s Dude Looks Like A Lady blared in the background had me in hysterics.

By the end of the movie, I had a new favourite funny man. Robin Williams was his name and now, 20 years later, I can still picture his beaming smile and unfettered confidence.

I had to have more! The next film I watched was The Dead Poets Society. From the cover, I thought it was going to be a funny high-school film. Oh boy, was I wrong! That film changed me forever. It was smart, poignant and most importantly full of heart. And at the centre of this wonderful production was Mr. Williams himself. He was the teacher we all wanted, the teacher we all deserved. If we were going to school, then we demanded that we had a cool teacher like Robin Williams. Of course, that never happened, but we had to have some hope, right?

To say that Robin Williams changed my life would be an understatement. His stand up comedy was infectious and when I first heard him crack some of the funniest jokes ever, I knew that this was the guy I wanted to imitate. Williams was a clown. But he wasn’t the silly, over-the-top comedian.

No, Robin Williams was much more than that.

His film credits cover a range of unique and interesting roles. From the man-child in Jumanji to the creepy killer in Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia, he carved out a special place in Hollywood. I mean, just take a look at Good Will Hunting. He was as much a star of the film as Matt Damon was. He played the mentor to Damon’s troubled genius to perfection.

You felt every word that came out of his mouth. He was the wake-up call a lot of us needed.

He was an ardent philanthropist and cared deeply about the world. In one eye-opening and heartwarming video, Williams bonds with Koko the gorilla and in that moment, you can truly see the child in Robin Williams. He showed no fear in front of the gorilla, only love, and Koko responded in kind.

Watch the video below and be prepared to get smacked right in the feels.

His personal life, though, was another matter altogether. They say that the warmest smiles hide the harshest truths and, with Robin Williams, his scars ran a little too deep. He battled depression and drug addiction and he finally took his own life on the August 11th, 2014. I don’t really want to talk about his death here because the life he lived was so much more interesting.

You guys remember his heart-breaking portrayal of Patch Adams? Or even his silly but inspired role as a child trapped in a man’s body in Jack? Well, I do and on his birthday, I plan to watch a bunch of his best films.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get another lively comedian like Robin Williams and even if we did it just wouldn’t be the same. His memory will live on, on screen and in our hearts.

Happy Birthday, Robin. Wherever you are.

Masthead Source: justrichest.com Feature Source: independent.co.uk

This Open Letter By A Gay IIT Student Highlights How Difficult Campus Life Can Be Just Because You’re Not Straight

We often talk about education being the first step in removing any sort of prejudice from the society. Many believe that proper education is going to help the Indian society get rid of banal practices. All of these beliefs seem to have been debunked in this open letter onThe News Minute by a queer student who was harassed during his time at an IIT .

Source – Change.org

Here are a few excerpts from the letter that’ll make you hang your head in shame:

My four years on campus only left me with memories of hurt: scars to last a lifetime. The guy who scrawled “Jessy Jessy, man with pussy” on my jacket with a permanent marker. The one who forcibly kissed me in public, and told everyone I deserved it because I was gay. The one who sent sexually explicit images of same-sex activity on the Yahoo email list of wing mates, captioned, “This is how Arvind has sex.”

If just the bigotry wasn’t awful enough, we’d like to remind you that these students then go on to become industry leaders. This is why the Indian society has a long way to go before we can truly become a peaceful country with equal rights for everyone.

“The next day, one guy replied to the group, “Arvind, you, homo b*****d, you should have said this before. I spent nights in your room without knowing this during college”. Though some classmates of mine quickly slammed him even before I checked that email, it left me wondering how men like these managed to lead hundreds of corporate teams across the globe. It also made me wonder: how did I survive my four years in campus surrounded by such insensitivity? I used to attend classes regularly and take good notes. This placed me in demand come exam time, when my peers would gather around me for group study and to access my notes. Was it these moments of feeling worthy and useful that helped me get through my otherwise depressing campus life? And should a queer person have to put in that extra effort or possess otherwise desirable qualities, in order to be treated with respect?”

You can read the complete open letter here.

Source – Dawn

You’ll Drool Watching This Foodie Try Out Mouthwatering Delicacies In The Streets Of Chennai

Chennai, the city pervades your senses as soon as you step foot in it.

A jumble of bright colours, smattering of rapid Tamil, the scent of jasmine flowers adorning the tightly braided black hair of women, bright yellow honking autos, bargaining auto-wallahs, local trains, kolam on wet thresholds, radios blaring Rajni hits and the salty spray of the waves at the beach which coats your skin and hair. 

Source: Yourstory

But any mention of the city is incomplete without talking about its rich variety of food. South Indian cuisine merges flavours in curious ways to create delicious, delicious food.

Chennai offers more than just mouth-watering street food, it offers the feel of a particular place. For example, if you take yourself to Elliot’s beach on a sultry summer evening, the aroma of frying fish in sputtering oil will draw you in. A variety of fish is spread out in an array in makeshift stalls on the sand.

Source: thehindu

Vendors dish out crispy fried pomfret, snapper, prawns and crabs, steaming hot from the wok, with a dash of lime and raw onions. Families come here to sample the beach food on weekends and lovers dot the beach in the dark, looking for seclusion.

Source: pinterest

Vendors grill corn on the cob, streaked with red chilli powder and lime, while sparks from the grill fly in the direction of the wind, disappearing into the night.

Source: timesofindia

Food vlogger, Trevor James is out to offer this experience to you with his video of a walking tour in T.Nagar, a well known market area selling a myriad variety of clothes, utensils, street food, fruits and flowers, you name it. Food ranger takes us around T.Nagar and various other places looking for a taste of Chennai’s street food.

Source: facebook/foodranger

He starts off with Seembal, a sweet which is normally prepared from the lactating milk of a cow that has just given birth.

Source: sriscooking

Trevor stumbles across the samosa, one of the most popular snacks across India. Crispy golden brown triangular pockets filled with spiced potatoes and peas and fried onions.

Source: dalevillealabamakitchens

He follows it up with a tangy Dahi Chana Chaat with sour yogurt and veggies like chopped tomatoes, onions, potatoes with crispy sev and coriander sprinkled liberally on top. No wonder Trevor rates it a 8.5 out of 10.

Source: galaxyfoodstuff

If you’ve been to Chennai, you must have tried the mind-blowing biriyani at Thalappakatti. The history behind Thalappakatti is equally rich. Mr. Nagasamy Naidu started Thalappakatti as a small 4 seater and served customers this unique biriyani made of short grain Seeraga Samba rice, called Parakkum Sittu which absorbs the flavour of the mutton and spices like cardamom and star anise.

Source: thalappakatti

Its popularity can be judged by the 30 outlets across India and one in Paris. Thalappakatti offers a taste of authentic South Indian cuisine.

Source: thalappakatti

For a full blown meal try fluffy, soft, layered Malabar Parotta with rich, spicy Chicken Chettinad flavoured with roast dry red chillies, kalpasi, coconut, poppy seeds,coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, ground nuts, onions and garlic in gingelly oil which almost got Trevor swooning.

Source: foodista

Source: swatisani

Puri stalls which serve piping hot puris with chickpea curry and tomato chutney is a regular stop for many young office-goers looking for cheap but filling food options.

Source: youtube

Trevor rounds the trip up with steaming aromatic masala chai available for 10 bucks; milk tea with just a hint of spice and makes friends in the process clinking glasses with a very amused auto wallah who keeps talking to him in Tamil while Trevor jabbers back in English. Clearly, it’s not just the food but also the warmth of people that makes visiting Chennai such a treat.

He misses out on of the most important element of South Indian cuisine though – piping hot filter kaapi.

Watch Trevor’s gastronomical journey through the streets of Chennai here – 

Chennai’s street food served in unexpected nooks and crannies have their own charm.

As Shiva Prasad of Seena Bhai Tiffin Centre in Sowcarpet sums it up for The Hindu, “The beauty of street food is that it is meant to be eaten on the go. Once you add luxuries, it will lose its charm.”

Did You Know One Of The Rarest Blood Types Is Called The Bombay Blood Type? Here’s Why

Just when you thought you knew all you needed to at this stage in the development of science, a medical marvel steps in to set the record straight. No points for you if you named all of the blood groups. But if we told you we missed out on one of the rarest blood groups in the world? A blood phenotype so rare that it shows up in no more than 4 in every million humans.

Blood types are classified basically as combinations of the ABO phenotypes.

These include all of the regular blood groups that we usually witness – A, B, O and AB. The compatibility and differences in the blood types rely on the different kinds of antigens and antibodies each contain, and their reaction with each other. This alongside other characteristics like the Rh factor.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

The Bombay blood type, h/h or Oh is present in less than 0.0004% of the world’s population.

First discovered in 1952 by Dr. Y G Bhide, the Bombay Blood type is largely recognised as the rarest blood group in the world. In an observation of the blood type’s reaction with the commonly recognised blood phenotypes, it was found that the Bombay Blood type contained a previously unknown antigen – H.

Source: archives.deccanchronicle.com

Antigens A and B are both found to be made from antigen H. So, people with the Bombay phenotype can donate blood but not serve as recipients.

The Bombay phenotype is allowed to donate red blood cells to any of the blood types within the ABO phenotype realm, the reverse, however, is not possible. People with the Bombay phenotype can only receive blood from their own group because of the antigen reactions that may cause defects in the receiver’s immunology.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The Bombay phenotype is usually found within close knit communities.

With as many as 0.01% of people from Mumbai who could be carrying the Bombay phenotype, the rare blood type is usually the result of both parents carrying a recessive allele which will result in the child having the h/h blood group. Close knit communities, or even inbreeding, seem to be the cause of the blood type.

Source: bansalhospital.com

35 Fashion Terms We’re Sure You’ve Been Getting Wrong All This While

How many times does it happen that you go out shopping with a particular thing in mind, but are unable to find it simply because you don’t know what it’s called? You see someone wear a certain pair of sandals or carry the latest bag that you’ve been totally crushing on. But when it comes to asking them ‘what it’s called?’ there comes your ego, galloping royally on a horse! And especially if it involves asking someone you don’t like!

The struggle of failed Google searches, of disoriented descriptions to the salesman and of sleepless nights till you finally make the purchase. We’ve been there and done all that!

Since someone has to do the dirty work, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you out when it comes to knowing your fashion terms correctly. Because the biggest faux pas is one where you address a Tuxedo shirt as a Suit shirt in front of people who have their fashion game rather strong!

1. Jute Sneakers is just a made-up term. Nothing like this exists!

2. Anything from a tube dress to a sun dress can have spaghetti straps. But that doesn’t make them a slip dress.

3. Bell bottoms are way more flared than these. Click here to know what they look like.

4. There are many types of Baseball T-shirts but not all have Raglan sleeves. You can read about Raglan sleeves here.

5. There’s nothing called a suit shirt. It’s either a tuxedo shirt or a dress shirt.

6. This is probably our grandmothers’ favourite piece of winter wear. But when they call it a front open sweater next time, make sure you tell them that nothing of that sort exists. It’s either a cardigan, or nothing!

7. These slippers are quite a rage this season, but they’re definitely not slip-ons. In fact, Kolhapuri chappals are known as slip-on chappals.

8. This one can be tricky. But remember, just like its name, a capelet coat has a cape draped over the shoulders. Here’s what a Trench looks like.

9. Camisole is a more intimate piece of clothing, as compared to a tank top. Here’s the difference between the two.

10. It’s not a baseball cap and it’s definitely not a ‘rapper’s cap. But here’s all you need to know about the baseball cap.

11. Okay seriously, gumboots are so passé. They’re called Wellington Boots and they always were called that!

12. As the name suggests, tights are tightly stuck to your legs, made of a thinner fabric and cover your feet as well, unlike leggings. Click here to know about leggings.

13. Overalls are what the prisoners wear in all American TV Shows. Dungarees are the modified version of Overalls, which are chic AF!

Here’s what overalls look like.

 14. This Gothic fashion trend is back with a bang, but it’s definitely not called a Neck Band. Again, there’s nothing like that in the fashion world.

15. They both might look the same, but if the hat is made of straw or jute-like material then it’s a Panama hat and not a Fedora. Click here to know your Fedora, though!

 16. Mary Janes were the shoes we wore to school as little girls. Click here to see what ballet flats look like.

 17. Sneakers are shoes that are specifically designed for sports or other physical activities. When was it that you wore your Vans to the gym? Never, I believe!

18. Dhoti Pants look like a dhoti, while a salwar looks like, well, a salwar. Huge difference! Check it out here.

19. This genre of bottoms is probably the most confusing. But remember, jeggings are leggings in a denim disguise and leggings are not.

20. If you can never get the right running shoes, it’s probably because you don’t check the thickness of their sole. Here’s the difference between both of them.

21. Ripped = Torn/Cut/Slit, Distressed = Worn out

It’s as simple as that. Distressed Jeans will never have ripped slits, unless it’s a combination of both. Here’s an example of ripped denims.

22. We Indians call absolutely anything a coat. Coats are jackets which are specifically made to keep us warm. Click here to know more.

23. The T-like strap design is where it gets its name. While strappy sandals can be anything from Gladiators to Stilettos.

 24. High top boots don’t exist. Period!

25. An Infinity Scarf is what girls throw around their necks. While mufflers were what Dev Anand wore. Here’s what those look like.

26. It’s called a Duffel Coat because of the type of buttons, which in the earlier days were made of animal teeth. This falls under the category of overcoats, but not all overcoats are duffel coats. Know more here.

27. Relating everything that has fur to the Eskimos is just taking the easy way out. In fact Eskimo Boots are called Mukluk and you can read about them here.

28. ‘Divider skirt’ is yet another term we gave birth to, because maybe that’s how we roll. But enough with the rolling, it’s time for some learning. Meet Skorts!

29. Again, all Bandage Dresses are Bodycons, but not all Bodycons are Bandage Dresses. Read about Bodycon Dresseshere.

30. Shawls are just bigger Stoles, made of a warmer fabric.Here’s what Stoles are.

31. High Neck is nothing. Avoid saying that to anybody, ever!

32. When your toes peep through the shoes, they’re Peeptoes. And when ballet shoes grow heels, they become Pumps. It’s as simple as that! Learn about Pumps here.

33. There’s nothing called a Shoulder Bag. It’s a Handbag, which further has many types. One of them being the Hobo.

34. You can’t call a skirt long, just because it is long. I mean you can, but this one is a proper wrap around and that’s the science behind it. Long skirts can be of any kind, not bound by the style.

35. It looks like a Cape and so should be called one. But, here’swhat Shrugs look like and they’re cute too.

Now that you know what’s called what, it’s time to head out and spread the knowledge. Also, don’t forget to indulge in some hardcore retail therapy with your gang, while you throw these terms around like a total boss!

Usain Bolt Insists On Doing All Shoots In Jamaica & The Reason Will Make You Respect Him Even More

Usain Bolt’s place in the pantheon of legends is already secure. He is the only athlete in the history of the Olympics to complete the double triple, i.e. winning the 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m titles at two consecutive games. The people of Jamaica are surely proud of the greatest athlete from their country. However, ‘the fastest man on the planet’ believes that he has a big responsibility towards Jamaica, and wants to give back to Jamaican society in every way possible.

Source: IAmAJamaican

Among many of his efforts to do so, Bolt has stipulated that all photo shoots involving him must be done in Jamaica. The eleven-time world champion revealed this during his third appearance on Television Jamaica’s personality programme, Profile.

“When we started out people always wanted to do the shoots in Miami, Los Angeles and all over the world, they used to say, ‘Oh, thanks for bringing the shoots here’”, he recalled.“We decided that you know what, we will be doing a lot more shoots. So any contract we sign, the shoot has to be in Jamaica. So we can give people jobs and help people. Over the weekends, we’ll have like over one hundred, two hundred people [working] depending on how big the shoot is.”

He added, “It [must be] in the contract that they’ll do the shoots here, unless they don’t have the equipment. But as long as they have the equipment, it has to be [done] here, so I can help the economy. I’ve helped a lot of people, and they always thank me. They would say, ‘Big up Usain, you really helped us, bringing the jobs here.’”

Source: IAmAJamaican

Bolt, the first to hold the records for the fastest running time in both 100m and 200m, also talked about his foundation that has donated $1.3 million to schools in Jamaica, adding, “I do a little charity ‘on the side,’ but I don’t really talk about it. It’s just a part of me. I also try to give a lot back to my community because I know the struggles; I came through it, and I see a lot of kids in the struggle.”

Getting back to what he is most known for, Bolt assures us that his training for Rio Olympics are going smoothly, and that he is looking to go after his 200m record. And given his knack for making the big stages his own, it won’t be surprising if he breaks it once more.

Usain Bolt is an ambassador not just for Jamaica or for sports, but for humanity. Here’s hoping we get another chance to witness his iconic celebratory move.

Source: TheMirror